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Michiel Heijmans Photography

Michiel Heijmans Photography

I passionately and enjoy giving photography workshops and lectures on street photography. In addition, you can approach me for business portraits and event photography.

For Photofacts, I wrote the book "Straatfotobijbel" (2023). I also write monthly columns for Focus Magazine, the photography magazine of the Netherlands. I lecture for CameraNU, and regularly give lectures at photo clubs. I also provide much-needed entertainment in the form of street photography workshops during meetings and staff parties.

With my street photos, I was now allowed to exhibit From Domburg to Paris. In 2023, I was involved as a BTS photographer, guiding candidates in, for example, post-production on the TV programme "Focus on Gelderland" on Omroep Gelderland / NPO.

Michiel knows how to capture beautiful moments from everyday life with surprising compositions and tasteful images.

William Rutten

Man, what beautiful photos you take.

Michiel Fischer

Street photography workshop

Street photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the essence of everyday life in public spaces. It strives to capture unique and fleeting moments of people and their surroundings, often with a spontaneous and unposed approach. We street photographers are known for our ability to find beauty and meaning in the mundane and banal, by capturing the daily routines, interactions and emotions of people on the street.

Through our work, we offer street photographers a visual record of society and help tell the story of people in our time. With its emphasis on capturing the reality of life in the moment, street photography is a powerful tool for documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of our communities.


What a fun workshop to do with my colleagues. Well prepared, clear assignments and relaxed explanations from Michiel. Highly recommended!

Nancy Overgaauw, Quattri Consultants

I enjoy working for these fantastic companies:

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