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1-on-1 street photography workshop

I can imagine that you prefer to attend a workshop that is tailor-made for you. You have certain questions of your own and would like to spar about them. Or you want to know how I approach certain situations and how you could do the same.

Especially for you, I also have a 1-on-1 (street) photography workshop. I am happy to put "street" in brackets, because maybe you want to work on street portraits, learn to read light or do more with architecture. Or you might finally want to look at your own city in a different way. I would love to help you with this.

My 1-on-1 photography workshops are for beginners and people who have held a camera in their hands (many) times before.

I will join a group workshop

Bring someone along for free!

At this workshop, you may free bring a friend. It makes it less exciting, and is more sociable, of course! Of course, you can also choose to share the cost, if you are both keen to learn more about street photography. That's totally up to you!

Workshop details

  • We start with coffee or tea to get clear on what you want to learn that day.
  • Guided assignments using assignment cards that you may take home.
  • I naturally share all my experiences with you, and teach you to look at things differently.
  • You get my book "Straatfotobijbel" (Photofacts, ISBN 9789492325099) to practice nicely after the workshop.
  • Free with the book my online Street Photography course on (45 minutes + a 5-minute webinar).
  • One month free access to all other Photofacts courses (more information in the book).
  • This street photography workshop lasts from 10am to 1pm (unless otherwise arranged).
  • Brief evaluation at the end of the workshop.
  • Feel free to bring a friend, they can join for free (or share the cost!).
  • Level for this street photography workshop: All levels.
  • Recommended camera: All cameras, prefer a camera on which the sound can be turned off.
  • Recommended lens: Basically the lens you feel comfortable with, but guideline is 28 to 50mm fullframe.
  • You do your own post-processing at home, as you see fit. I will give you feedback by e-mail on up to 5 photos per person.

Cost for this workshop: 450 euros per person (bring a friend for free!).

This workshop can be given in Dutch or English.

All prices on this page include VAT. If you want an invoice for your workshop, VAT will be added.

As a present for myself, I booked the 1-on-1 street photography workshop with Michiel Heijmans. I did not regret this for a moment!

We started the workshop with a cup of coffee: a nice start to the morning, to get to know each other, discuss where you stand and especially what you want to learn. After this, both of us armed with our camera in hand, we took to the streets. While talking and photographing, tips and ideas flew around my ears. Besides the fact that Michiel clearly has a lot of knowledge and skills, his enthusiasm and daring are contagious. I can hardly imagine not being inspired by this!

Michiel also helped me well after the workshop by giving feedback on my photo selection and post-processing by e-mail. In short: a nice all-round workshop that was above all (also not unimportant) very enjoyable.

Karlijn van Kalmthout