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Photos for your website

You should really refresh the photos on your website every year. Whether you have new paintings on the wall, or had a change in staff, a lot has changed again in the past year. Your website should be allowed to reflect those changes.

There are a number of important reasons to choose unique, proprietary photos of your business and not fall back on that one phone photo or worse: stock photos.

5 reasons to have me take photos for your website

It is extremely important to have photos customised for your website. If you use standard photos (or stock photos), your business is bound to be standard too. I know from experience that such photos are immediately recognised. In fact, visitors to your website are more likely to click back to the search results and search further. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. First impression: Your website is your shop window

Your website is your shop window in more ways than one. A visitor forms a first impression of your website within seconds. It shows what you have for sale, but also who is selling it. The atmosphere of the shop, your office or your company is reflected in the shop window.

2. Make it personal

Your website details your team and your business. it is often the first point of contact with potential customers! Images make the text read better and you naturally attract more targeted customers. Those pictures are your marketing.

3. Unique photos strengthen your brand

Original photos taken specifically for your business reinforce your brand identity. They set you apart from competitors and create a recognisable visual style. A photo says so much! Do you opt for open and light or do you prefer something darker, perhaps industrial? They have to fit your company!

4. Your prices don't match a bad photo

Professional photos exude reliability and professionalism. If you want to leave that impression with visitors to your website, do not rely on your nephew who takes pictures at the zoo on Sundays. In that case, rely on a professional photographer who consults with you on how to present yourself online. A good photo is a mark of quality.

5. Better readability of your website

Pictures accompanying your text make the content more appealing and make readers linger longer. They ensure that all those letters are interrupted in a pleasant way. They help in scanning your page and allow readers to keep their attention.

In short, invest in decent photos for your website!

My plan of action

If you choose me to take your photos, we usually start the day with portraits. We do that from 10 o'clock, so everyone has read their mail and had coffee. A bit awake and therefore better in the photo. The end of the day lends itself less to this, as everyone will be a bit more tired by then.

I can take my photos in natural light, or highlighted with flash. Natural light naturally gives the warmest portraits, but depending on the type of photos you have in mind, I can add extra lighting or do the whole portrait with flash.

ALEX Lawyers BTS office

After the photo shoot, everyone is used to me and you and your colleagues go back to work. Your time investment is done! However, I will continue for a while. While you are at work, strolling through the office or actually cutting down a tree (depending on the company, of course), I stay at a comfortable distance to photograph and take casual and (mostly) unposed images for your website and social media.

Your photo selection

Afterwards, I select the right photos and put them online in an album with basic editing. In that album, you can "like" the photos, just like on Instagram. I check the liked photos thoroughly and edit them further. These are the photos you can eventually download and use on your website!

And so then you get all selected photos for your own use on websites, in brochures, etcetera. Transparent, right?

Especially get in touch if you want to know more:

Note: Should you wish to use the photos for third-party publications, you can do so with attribution.