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Street photography workshop - experiences

Of course I am happy to share some reactions to my street photography workshops with you! Now should you want to join us yourself, please take especially contact me!

What a fun workshop it was to do with my colleagues. Well prepared, clear assignments and relaxed explanations From Michiel. Highly recommended!

Nancy Overgaauw, Quattri Consultants, participant workshop company outing

I attended a super fun and educational workshop with Michiel. He teaches you to look at the street scene differently. The workshop remains challenging all the way through the different assignments. Highly recommended.

Anita Stapel, participant Group Street Photography Workshop

Apart from the fact that Michiel is just a very nice guy, I learned to look at 'my' city Nijmegen differently! Fun assignments and very nice to walk through the city with a group! Top!

Bart Kleeven, participant Group Street Photography Workshop

During the workshop, we were given measured assignments after providing the necessary information and Michiel was open to questions and comments in addition to additions. The workshop is a good start or a nice and pleasant addition to your interest.

Wilma de Roo, participant Group Street Photography Workshop

As a present for myself, I booked the 1-on-1 street photography workshop with Michiel Heijmans. I did not regret this for a moment!

We started the workshop with a cup of coffee: a nice start to the morning, to get to know each other, discuss where you stand and especially what you want to learn. After this, both of us armed with our camera in hand, we took to the streets. While talking and photographing, tips and ideas flew around my ears. Besides the fact that Michiel clearly has a lot of knowledge and skills, his enthusiasm and daring are contagious. I can hardly imagine not being inspired by this!

Michiel also helped me well after the workshop by giving feedback on my photo selection and post-processing by e-mail. In short: a nice all-round workshop that was above all (also not unimportant) very enjoyable.

Karlijn van Kalmthout, participant 1-on-1 workshop Looking differently at street photography

Thank you for the really fun workshop yesterday. Taking photos with my own phone will never be the same again!

Company outing Quattri Consultants, participant Tinka, Group Street Photography Workshop

Instructive, I got a lot of inspiration. Thank you Michiel! Moreover, it was fun. I was with a group from photography club Doesburg.

Egbert De Ruiter, participant Group Street Photography Workshop

Last Saturday, Michiel Heijmans got to experience a state photography workshop with a fun group of photo enthusiasts who experienced this topic for the first time.

First of all, Michiel is a delightful host who knew how to explain everything well and enlightened this group of 10 people about the concept : 'the hunters and the fishermen'. Besides, it is nice that you learn to look with different eyes. Had a very nice day and it is very highly recommended.

Paul Snelders, participant Group Street Photography Workshop
Photo by Franka van Til, during the workshop

Last Saturday a very nice I was new to street photography. With fun assignments and explanations from Michiel, we walked through the centre of Nijmegen and took many nice photos. 

Thanks Michiel for the fun workshop and I will definitely join your walking and/or street photography workshop again.

Franka van Til, participant Group Street Photography Workshop

My dear friend had gifted me a photography workshop by Michiel as a surprise. What a super experience!

Michiel is a tremendously friendly and sincere man who both enjoyed sharing his own knowledge and showed interest in my story and development. The tailor-made and personal approach started as early as the introduction with a cup of coffee where we talked about our experiences and goals in photography, why we photographed, but certainly also how to tailor the workshop to my level and needs.

During the workshop, Michiel then turned this into various assignments to match. The atmosphere was relaxed and spontaneous, essential for street photography. Michiel's vision on street photography was refreshing and learning to anticipate street scenarios will definitely stay with me.

Conclusion: Do! Accessible with depth as far as you are willing and able. For me at least, it was a hugely enjoyable and educational experience.

Thanks again!

Jori Mulders, participant 1-on-1 workshop Looking differently at street photography