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Event photography

Had a nice event? Luckily, we still have the photos! Event photography is all about the experience. About capturing the memory of that great party. Event photography is what ensures that your event is actually remembered for a long time.

Why event photography?

I was recently talking to someone who works at a large organisation, with several events a year. "Yes," she said, "but at some point you do have the pictures. The effect ebbs away quickly." It echoed in my head for a while. This type of photography, which I think is great to provide for you, does it make sense!?

JAZEKER! For several reasons:

  1. Marketing: by making the photos available to your guests, they will start sharing the photos with friends, associates, and on social media. That means extra attention for your business, for which you don't have to do anything at all!
  2. Of course, you now use the photos directly as a report of your event in the corporate newsletter, you share them on intranet for the employees who couldn't be there or want to know what else you do.
  3. But you'll use them again next year! To announce the reciprocal event, warm up participants.
  4. Participating companies, sponsors, speakers and charities will greatly appreciate having their logos and faces reflected in the photos, and will also be happy to distribute them further.
  5. Your image database gets another refresh; you can't keep reusing those old photos.
  6. Of course, your board also wants to see that their budget is well spent. It may not be your main reason, but obviously plays into it!
  7. A less obvious one: With the photos, you get a record of the event that can help with post-event evaluation. How do we arrange the space next time? Which elements can be left out next time, or should be more prominent?

What is event photography?

There are an awful lot of photographers who would love to come and capture your wedding, but I am not one of them. The events you can wake up at night for are:

  • Congresses; scientific, medical or media-oriented, with serious presentations and smooth hallway tracks.
  • Product or business launch; space entrepreneurial experience makes me feel like a fish out of water.
  • Open day of your company, school, foundation or other organisation. Great for capturing the interaction and volunteers.
  • Awards ceremonies; let's face it, those are often the best events, where everyone has dressed up.
  • Any other event with an interface with business. Where you like to have a photographer walking around who makes himself invisible. But who also takes all the photos you need or want.

Want to know more? Then we need to talk.

Above all, contact me for more information, prices and options. After all, these are so dependent on time, location and more that I prefer to talk to you about them first.