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Portrait photography

Whether you're looking for a new profile photo for social media or your company's team page, I'm happy to help. I am happy to come to you with my mobile studio.

A good portrait falls and stands with a few essential characteristics:

  • A relaxed look
  • Sharp from nose to ear
  • No distractions in the background
    (that can already be achieved in camera)
  • Good lighting

No fuss especially, or that should be a conscious choice. Usually, this portrait photography is purely about faithful representation of the person portrayed.

Relaxed portraits

For a good business portrait photo, it is especially important that the person being photographed is put at ease, and can be photographed in a few minutes and get on with their day. Some people have been photographed so often that they are ready in a few minutes anyway - in which case I make sure the setting is adjusted accordingly.

If you are not in front of the camera very often now, and want to prepare yourself calmly, be sure to read my portrait photography checklist. Then you will come well prepared for the photo shoot!

Portrait photos on location

Of course, it is no problem to come by on location to take the portrait photos. If you have a nice window with enough light to expose the person properly, that would be great. If you would like me to bring my own light in the form of one or more flash units, that is of course possible too.

For on location I work with my mobile photo studio, which provides pleasant illumination of the person portrayed in the smallest spaces.

Contact me for the possibilities

In terms of portrait photography, a lot is possible. Let's discuss your needs and expectations beforehand. That way, we can be sure that you will spend the least time on it, and end up with the best photos!

Feel free to call me if you want more information about the possibilities: 06-263 263 16.
You may also e-mail, using the contact form below.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!