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Street photography workshops in Maastricht

Maastricht surprised. Really, I feasted my eyes when I was there again recently. People go downtown with attention. I saw an unprecedented number of people in suits, neatly dressed, strolling in a city that looks foreign. Old alleys, long streets. Water and squares. I was very happy to add Maastricht to the cities where I give my workshops.

The workshops below are for beginners and people who have had a camera in their hands before. I'm sure I can teach you to see things differently!

I prefer to book a 1-on-1 workshop

"Got a lot of inspiration from Michiel's workshop. He takes you along and helps you overcome the cold feet of photographing other people. Very enthusiastic photographer. Highly recommended!"

Egbert de Ruiter, photo club workshop participant Street Photography

Street photography workshop in Maastricht

Maastricht, city on the Meuse, has a unique blend of history and modernity. We wander through old streets. Of course we stop at Stokstraat; this narrow street is like a time machine. Old mansions and cobblestones. Tip: leave your heels at home. Here you will find boutiques with antiques, jewellery and art. It is the place in Maastricht where craft and tradition come together.

We don't skip the Vrijthof either. This square is the beating heart of Maastricht. The imposing Saint Servatius Basilica and Saint John's Church stand next to modern terraces and cafés. We wander further through the city via this square. Maastricht is not only picturesque, but also lively. It is a city where you can enjoy culture, good food and a relaxed atmosphere. It is definitely a must to linger after the workshop, have an extensive lunch or enjoy the parade of photogenic Maastricht people passing by with a good glass of wine!

In the workshop, I will teach you to hunt and fish. We will look at lines and photographic compositions. And if you have any questions of your own, we will of course address them too!

Workshop details

  • Guided assignments using assignment cards that you may take home.
  • I naturally share all my experiences with you, and help you learn to see things differently.
  • You get my book "Straatfotobijbel" (Photofacts, ISBN 9789492325099) to practice nicely after the workshop.
  • Free one-month access to all Photofacts courses with the book.
  • This street photography workshop takes place in Maastricht, and lasts from 10am to 1pm (3 hours).
  • I take you to the best places!
  • Brief evaluation at the end of the workshop (including coffee or tea, of course).
  • For groups of up to 5 people to ensure personal attention.
  • Level for this street photography workshop in Maastricht: All levels.
  • Recommended camera: All cameras, prefer a camera on which the sound can be turned off.
  • Recommended lens: Basically the lens you feel comfortable with, but guideline is 28 to 50mm fullframe.
  • Post-processing you do yourself at home, as you see fit. I am happy to give you feedback on 5 photos by e-mail.

There is still room for you in the following street photography workshops in Maastricht:

2024 Maastricht

  • Sunday 25 August

Cost for this workshop: 175 euros per person.
Due to the release of my new book THE OBSERVER, the price of a workshop will be increased this autumn. Book it soon for the old price!

  • This workshop can be given in Dutch or English.
  • The group workshop will take place with a minimum of 2 participants.
  • All prices on this page include VAT. If you want an invoice for your workshop, VAT will be added to the workshop amount (administrative fee).

About Michiel

I am Michiel Heijmans, professional street photographer. For Photofacts I wrote the book "Street Photography Bible" (2023). I also write monthly columns for Focus Magazine, the photography magazine of the Netherlands.
From the moment I immersed myself in street photography, I was hooked. I don't leave the house without a camera because street photography can be done anywhere!

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