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In 2023, my book "Straatfotobijbel" (Street Photography Bible) was released for Photofacts Academy. It is a summary of my street photography adventures so far. For me, it is a marker in time, a milestone.

It is not a reading book, but a reference book. Although, of course, I have done my stinking best to write everything down in a way that I would love to read it myself! The result is a handy book, with insights, assignments and challenges. With everything from legal and technical information to comprehensive exercises that you can work with on the street!

All aspects of street photography

I have deliberately not focused on one aspect of street photography in this Street Photography Bible. Over the past few years, I have spoken to many other street photographers and we have talked at length about all aspects of street photography.

Street photography is not something you learn from a book, precisely because of that diversity. To really progress, you have to make metres. Literally and figuratively. Slowly crawl out of your comfort zone. And precisely in all these aspects, I hope the book will provide guidance.

  • How do you respond to someone asking you if you took their photo?
  • Which cameras and lenses are fine for street photography?
  • What to do when the city you are in is way too overwhelming?
  • What is the best way to take a particular photo?

So count on practical information above all, with great sample photos! I hope it also shows you to learn especially from other street photographers, but not to emulate your heroes. Just go shoot. With the information in this book, I am sure you will develop your own preferences.

Photofacts academy:
Street photography workshop

We have also included a workshop with the book Street Photography Bible. In this workshop (course) I will take you through Nijmegen and show you how street photography actually works, using real-life situations.

Simple exercises that you can even start doing today, in good and bad weather. The course takes about an hour and consists of bite-sized chunks. Short, insightful videos with sample photos from that session. You will see a subject pass by in the video and we will also show the final photo immediately.

Besides dwelling extensively on street adventures, I will of course also briefly go into post-processing. In street photography, that really doesn't need to be extensive. I show you what I would do with a photo!

This course can also be ordered separately!

Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, "Your first 10,000 photos are your worst photos". Let's make those especially together then!

Others about the Street Photo Bible

Fokko Mullerinstagram
The best thing about street photography is that you can just walk out the door and never know what you will come home with. Michiel has clearly done his homework. This book is full of recognisable, practical and great tips to get you started as a street photographer!

Jochem van Gelderinstagram
Photography is much more than getting your settings right. Photography is mainly the art of watching and Michiel masters this art like no other. He sees and shoots the ultimate moment on the street or anywhere else. After reading his bible, chances are you will see it too!

Owen Schumacherinstagram
Michiel shares his joys and discoveries in this book with anyone who wants to know. Have you already thought of this? Give that a try! This has helped me! And everything goes and nothing must and know that there is only one rule: there are no rules.
It's about finding that joy too. There is no right or wrong, there is only the pure enjoyment of catching that one moment. That's where this book can help.

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