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Michiel Heijmans photography

New Masterclass: A different take on street photography

For those that like street photography, but dislike shuffing a camera in a person’s face.

Michiel is street and portrait photographer and finds surprising compositions and tasteful photos to capture precious moments in everyday life.

William Rutten, Instagram

Hi, Michiel here!

Street and portrait photographer.

Capture awesome photos, for instance for your site. Pictures of you, your business, city, area. Go outside, find beautiful spots, or in the office, that one special corner.

Do not expect any glamour shots, but clear photos that show you as you truly are. Be sure to contact me for those kind of photos!

branding shoot

DIfferent shots for site or social

  • Not the dull “stand in front of a plant” pictures.
  • It’s not awkward to be photographed.
  • 10-15 processed photos in one-and-a-half hour.

Workshop Street

A different view of your hometown.

  • 1-on-1, in-depth,
    or in groups of min 4 persons
  • A bit of theory and on you go with camera or phone!
  • Three to four assignments, 2.5 hours.

Groups: 49 euro p.p.


Need great pictures for a publication?

  • One-time or on-going basis
  • Recognizable photos of city, company or area
  • At least 1 photo, price per hour. Contact me for more details and options.

Contact me