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The Observer

In my book THE OBSERVER I will take you out into the street and place you among the people I have met. You may meet them, for a moment, and then they disappear again. They dissolve into 8 billion other people. The chances of meeting them again are minimal.

  • Expected delivery date: end of September 2024
  • 112 pages of my street photography
  • Swiss binding, luxury paper, linen cover
  • Only 500 pieces

Who am I?

I am Michiel Heijmans and my great passion is street photography. I often make my street observations without bringing the camera in front of my eye, on a whim or purely by feel. Often I only really see afterwards what I unconsciously saw before. With my camera around my neck, I disappear into the crowd and capture the most beautiful moments unposed.

I love beautiful lines and pleasing composition. I take you into my search for conversations between colours and people. I shoot from a low perspective, making you, the viewer, feel part of the conversation or situation. My photography is about capturing moments that will never happen again.

As a photographer, I walked hundreds of kilometres in places like Amsterdam, New York, Nijmegen and Paris. I got lost, and found my way back via hundreds of photos. My great desire is to create a snapshot of our time, with classic black-and-white photos and surprising colour photos. Bundled in a high-quality photo book, so that this document can be preserved for generations to come.


It will be a very special book. A book with a linen cover and a paper cover featuring a beautiful woman I met on the underground during a trip to New York. One of my wishes for the book is that you can open it completely flat, so you can really get a good look at my photos.

Print run: 500 copies
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 112 pages
Binding: Hardcover / Sewn binding with Swiss binding
All photos and text: Michiel Heijmans
Publisher: KOMMA, no ordinary publisher
Project and production supervision: Steven Hond and Willemien Geenen
Graphic design: Wout de Vringer
Expected release date: September 2024

  • Expected delivery date: end of September 2024
  • 112 pages of my street photography
  • Swiss binding, luxury paper, linen cover
  • Only 500 pieces

But what kind of pictures are they?

THE OBSERVER features pictures of things you walk right past. Things you only see if you pay attention. Photos where you might have to look twice and then see something else. A captured emotion from a casual passer-by, or a striking colour that suddenly appears all over the photo. A gorgeous lady on the New York underground as on the cover, or someone who seems to step out of his own shadow. I love frames, colours and classic elements that complete the photo. Something extra that caught my eye during all those hours on the street.

A photograph is life's pause button

With this book, I want to hit a pause button for a moment. Frozen moments that nevertheless seem to live through the people I have captured. Very ordinary people, who in their own way contribute to the city in which they move. Who give us a glimpse into their world, their quest, their moment.

We record birthdays, and weddings, maternity and a holiday. But in between all those moments, so many beautiful things happen. You will find my observations on that very ordinary, everyday in the book THE OBSERVER.

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