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Drift sessions

In the coming weeks, I have a number of street photography sessions planned in Amsterdam. I will explore various parts of the city, walk new routes for my workshops and find the best spots for coffee.

Now I can imagine that you sometimes think "How about this" or "How do you do that", in photography or in your own photography business. Then I have something nice for you. For just 99 euros, walk with me for a day!

A day looks like this:

  • 10.30am: Meet up and discuss your request for help. Then we will go out with the camera, and roam the city in search of inspiration, beautiful people and surprising situations. During the walk, there will be plenty of room for your questions about photography, business, marketing, social media and more.
  • 12.30pm: Lunch at your own expense.
  • 13:30: Continued ramble through the city, after which we will conclude with drinks around 15:00.

Note: maximum two people per drift session.

Drift sessions are not workshops, the questions come from you. I choose a walking direction and answer as many questions as possible. With my 15 years of entrepreneurial experience (see Linkedin) and huge deep dive into photography, I am sure I can help you with concrete answers or creative solution directions.

Can the drift session take place in another city?

YES! If you prefer to roam in another city, I’m happy to tag along. Of course, by mutual agreement and only if you bring someone else along. For drift sessions with two participants, I will gladly come your way, or roam with you through a city unknown to both of us.

Small print: For more travel time than an hour and a half from Nijmegen, I charge 25 euro travel costs.

Yes, I like to roam with you!

Michiel knows how to translate customers' wishes, dreams and ideas into concrete, achievable goals.

Tim Lecomte

You learn to see with different eyes. Had a very enjoyable day and it is highly recommended.

Paul Snelders

← I still prefer to join a group street photography workshop