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My photography

There are as many types of photography as there are brands of clothing. My kind of photography, is the type that tells you a story or lets you make up that story. If you’re into pigeon holing, that would be behind-the-scenes, reportage or documentary photography.

Just like street photography, it’s a type of photography where the subject is not posing for the photo. For me, that is key. Natural poses, not to directed. “Life is what happens while you are making other plans”, and behind-the-scenes and reportage photography is capturing subjects in their natural habitat (work/private life/hobby), solely focusing on his or her passion. Capturing craft or work pleasure is closely related to this.

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) photography

Behind-the-scenes or BTS photography is very much suited for companies that are looking for content for their website or for social media content.

  • Promotional (seasonal, or to promote a new product)
  • Informational (to accompany a press release or internal memo)
  • Office life (all the fun stuff that is happening)
  • Production process (this is how we make the products you use)

I’ll be behind-the-scenes, capturing all the small and huge things that happen during the day in your company. Of course, this type of content is a perfect blend for your social media as well.

ALEX Advocaten, Wijchen
Eyes & Ears | Omroep Gelderland
Media100 | Punkmedia

Business portraits & corporate photography

Behind-the-scenes photography shoots combine nicely with business portraits / corporate photography. I usually take the time early in the morning, when the light is best, to photograph you and your colleagues (headshots). By the time we are done, nobody minds that there’s a strange guy running around the building taking pictures. It’s the perfect combination.

Reportage photography

In reportage photography, we are registering events that happen in the moment. Think behind-the-scenes. Fly on the wall. I simply join you and/or your team during an event or work day. You mind your business, just go on with your day, and I will use my zoom lens to capture things that stand out, what would be an interesting photo for your annual report, social media and other publications.

Documentary photography


Reportage photography focuses on the undirected story, the facts.

In documentary photography, you’re very much in control of the story. Oftentimes, documentary photography is about social or environmental issues, something that’s up for debate.

Reportage and documentary photography are closely related. So close, that there’s usually little difference. I’m not a purist, I like to view things practically, with great photos as result. I you want me to capture your day, simply email or call me. It’ll work out fine, for sure.


749 euro
Per half day, including at least 20 photos

Ex VAT and travel expenses, 35 eurocent per kilometer

Contact me

Looking for options for a company / business video, including behind-the-scenes shoot? I’d like to work with the creative video production company Eyes & Ears – Film, TV en live (dutch)!