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Event photography

Had a great event? Luckily, we’ll always have the photos, right? Event photography is all about the experience. About recording the memory of that one wonderful event. Event photography is the one thing that will make sure that people won’t stop talking about that amazing event you organized.

Why event photography?

Just the other day, I was discussing event photography with a friend that works at a major company, that organizes multiple events a year. “Yes,” she said, “but at one point in time, you have all the photo’s you need. The effect of those photos reduces over time.” This resonated with me. This type of photography that I love to do, is that by any means useful for your organisation!?

OH YES! For multiple reasons:

  • Marketing: by making these photos available for your guests, they will share these photos with friends, relations and on social media. That simply means free attention for your company, without anye extra effort!
  • You’ll obviously use these event photos the next day for your corporate newsletter, you’ll share these on your company intranet for all employees that could not attend or simply wonder how the event went.
  • But you’ll also reuse the photos next year! It’s an annual event for instance, and you’ll need to warm up the crowd again.
  • Participating companies, sponsors, speakers and charities will be happy to have these photos. The’ll love to see there logos and faces in these photos, and will share with pleasure.
  • Your image database gets refreshed; you can’t keep using the same photos over and over.
  • Obviously, your board of directors will want to see that their money is well spent. It can’t be the main reason, but surely is a factor!
  • Less obvious: These photos are a registration of the event. It can help you evaluate. How to dress up the room next time. Where will we put the entrance? Which elements can stay, which have to go?

What is event photography?

Don’t call me for your wedding or new born shoot. So many photographers like to do these kinds of photography, but I am not one of them. You can call me any time for events like this:

  • Congresses; scientific, medical or media oriented, containing serious talks and vivid hallway tracks.
  • Product- or company launch; my vast experience as an enterpreneur will make sure these have no secrets for me.
  • An open day of your company, school or other organization. It’s always fun to photograph interaction and volunteers, for instance.
  • Awards shows; Let’s be honest. These are the cherries on the cake. Everyone dresses up, fancy decors. En horrible lightning. I’ll make it work.
  • All other events that are (slightly) business related. The ones that you fancy a photographer at, that will be invisible for most of the time. And makes all the photos you need or want anyway.

Want to know more? Let’s meet!

Please contact me for further information, prices and options. These are usually so depending on the type of event, time and location, that I’d rather discuss these in person upfront.

Need something to work with? It’ll be roughly 125-150 euro per hour for photographing, 75 euro per hour for editing. Hope that helps.