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Workshops Michiel Heijmans

Found my work somewhere? Are you wondering if you can take pictures like that? I am sure you can!

I am convinced that anyone can press a shutter. That is why I made my workshops, so you can learn to look instead. The goal of my workshops, f.i. the Street photography workshop A different take on street photography is to make you recognize opportunities for photos in street photography, even before making the photo.

You can learn street photography

Via specific assignments, I will teach you how to lift your photography to the next level. The workshops are designed for amateur photographers and aspiring photographers. It really does not matter if you are into studio or landscape photography, I am sure my workshops will make you a better photographer.

The assignments are chosen to create a diverisied street photography workshop. A workshop, closely tailored to your expectations. Based on those expectations and your wishes, we pick the assignments that will push you to the edge of your comfort zone, without getting on your nerves. The assignments are accessible, and easy to apply to your own photography, but as you know, creativity starts at the end of your comfortzone. So we’ll try to find that edge. It’s up to you if you want to step out of it!

Street photography workshops

My street photography workshops are made to take your first steps into street photography, or to level up in street photography.

In the basic workshop, I’ll teach you how to take photos in different ways. We’ll scout the environment, and adjust our photography behavior accordingly. You’ll take your first steps in street photography. Oftentimes, the particicpants are curious about street photography. There’s a sneaky tension, it’s exciting. Is it all allowed, taking pictures of other people? Candid? It’ll all be addressed.

My second workshop is tailored towards learning from specific assignments. I’ll let you go out on your own, with me as a back-up. It might be a bit more out of your comfort zone, but I’ll be there to guide you all the way.

Want to take it one step further? Check out my extended street photography workshop below!

Workshop: A different take on street photography

In my Workshop: A different take on street photography, we’ll take a slightly different approach. I’m not a firm believer that the sub genre of street photography has specific rules to follow. There are some purists in the genre, but they all tell different things. I hate pigeonholing.

Street photography is all about capturing the moments in-between graduations, Christmas and birthdays. It’s about capturing the humane, unposed and raw. If your asking for my opinion, you should aim to find your own take on those photos. Whether you prefer a 28mm prime lens, or rather take a telezoom lens to the streets, do what feels right.

In this workshop, we’ll take on a variety of assignments to find the kind of street photography that suits you. That way, you’ll have more consistency in your photos, and will always have the tools to change at hand.

See you soon!