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Portrait photography

It really doesn’t matter if you are looking for that new profile picture for social media or need a portrait for the board of directors: either way, you are welcome. Beit on location or in my photo studio in Overasselt, the Netherlands.

A great portrait needs at least these elements:

  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Scharpness from nose to ears
  • No distractions in the background
    (something we can acchieve in-camera as well)
  • The right light

And last but not least: no trouble. Of any messiness should be intended for the portrait, of course. Most of the times, these portrait photos mainly serve to provide a faithful representation of the person portrayed, right?

My main goal is to provide that relaxed atmosphere, that leads to either the subject being at ease, or being done in a few minutes anyway (with a proper photo as a result), so that person can get on with his/her day. Some people have already been in front of the camera so often, that they’re done in a few minutes anyway – in that case, I’ll make sure the setting is tailored to that as well.

Portrait photos on location

It’s obviously no hassle to come by your office or company to make these portraits. In case you provide a nice window with sufficient light to expose the person the right way, that’s amazing. In case it’s easier for me to bring light, that is no problem either. On location, I bring my loyal Profoto A10 flash including a 65 cm Profoto Octo softbox. That setup provides the right light for your portrait in even the smallest of spaces.

Portrait photos in my studio

In my 1450 sq.ft. photo studio in Overasselt, The Netherlands is plenty of space for coffee and camera’s, and a number of lightning options. Of course, you are more than welcome for any portrait photos! The studio is especially great if we need to portrait multiple persons. In the studio, we can maintain the same light and setting, to make sure there’s unity in our photos.

Contact me for any and all options

So many options, when it comes to portrait photography. Let’s dive into your wishes and expectations as early in the process as possible. That way, we’ll make sure that you’ll lose the least of time, and will have the right, desired photos in the end!

Call me anytime for more information: +31 6 263 263 16.
Feel free to drop me an email, please use my contact form.

I hope to see you soon!