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Street Photography workshop

Ready to take your photography to the next level? You know you’re a good amateur, but are you picking up positive vibes when showing your photos to someone? I’ll teach you how to take a different approach, develop a fresh view. We’ll discuss new photography projects you can take on starting today!

The workshop below is developed for beginners and people that know their way around a camera. I know I can help you develop a new understanding of your surroundings!

Workshop Street photography

Tram station, Amsterdam

You’ve probably seen the city a thousand times. Shopping, drinks. You already took a dozen photos of the beautiful, old buildings, the park and the pigeons.

People make or break a city. They color the city. And they’re not scary, they really are not. Some will wave friendly when you’re taking photos, some start a conversation. Some are so busy on their phones, they don’t even notice you. Some are in a rush, commuting. They don’t care.

I’ll teach you the photography equivalents of hunting and fishing. We’ll look at framing, capturing movements. Of course you are free to ask any and all questions as well!

Street photography: Learn to look

One of the questions I get the most: OK, but how do I learn to look? Why would I take a specific photo? I’m just hinting at these things in my photo walks (in Dutch). In this workshop, we take a comfortable deep dive.

It’s often the little things. A torn panty, a characteristic, worn down face. Crazy hats and outstanding bags. Repetitive colors. In this workshop, we simply take a walk. Together, we search for the odd things in the streets. The workshop is never the same, as the city evolves. We never know what we will encounter! Following specific assignments, I’ll teach you how to give yourself an assignment, the next time you hit the streets!


Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Contact me if you’d like to do the workshop in another city.


1-on-1 workshop: 349 euro.
Groups 4+ persons: 125 euro per person.
10+ persones? Contact me for tailor-made prices!

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