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My photography projects

On this page, you’ll find a number of projects that I’ve been working on. Don’t expect difficult lightning settings or long lists of demands: I prefer to works intuitively and be that fly on the wall, so all my models or subjects have an amazing, relaxed time during the shoot.

Do click a photo to enlarge and scroll through all the photos!

Personal Branding: Danielle Kool of Cabbage

Sometimes you’re in luck and a photo session is so effortless that it’s hard to make a selection. That’s what happened when I photographed Danielle of Cabbage. We’ve known each other for years and in that case, it’s just awkward for five minutes and only great shots after that. Lot’s of laughter, great result!

EVENT: Zinderende Zomerzondag, The Archies

Dutch band The Archies asked me to register their performance at the Zinderende Zomerzondag in Eindhoven. I created a number of black-and-white photo’s that I’m happy to share. This kind of photography (event / behind-the-scenes) always confirms that I picked the right trade!

Website and social media: ROC Nijmegen

Fot the image database of the ROC Nijmegen middle school, I created various photos on three locations. We asked some students for consent, and tried to mimic everyday situations. The “extra” was that we took into considerations the viewing directions and other leading lines in our photos. That way, it’s possible to direct your viewer or visitor to for instance buttons or links on your website (conversion-optimalisation). Coming from an internet background, this brought two worlds together for me!

Promotion: Gemeente Nijmegen

For a brochure for the city of Nijmegen, I had to photograph blues and greens. My logical choice: Kronenburger Park. A variety of regular and drone photography.

Event: ColorRun Campingground Olmenveld

Photography takes ypou places. Someone notivced my camera while I was on a holiday and before I knew it, I was asked to create a photo reportage of the local colorrun. Of course, environmental paint was used! A small impression.

Promotie: BRIES, the BLOEMRIJK musical

For musical group Bries, I was asked to shoot the promotional material for the musical Bries. “Promotional material”? More like fairytale portrait!

Magazine: A number of portraits for BEP Magazine #2

For the Nijmegen-based magazine BEP I was asked to portrait a number of known women from Nijmegen. Since the magazine is not out yet, I’m leaving out the names. Luckily, we‘ll always already have the photos:

portraits and social media content: ALEX Advocaten

For law firm ALEX Advocaten I did portraits and social media / website content. After the shoot, I stayed a little longer. The team continued their work, which allowed me to capture the relaxed atmosphere in the fantastically decorated offices.

Private project: Contemplative street photography in Paris

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a Valérie Jardin workshop in Paris: See Paris with your heart. I’m happy to share some of the amazing pictures I took during this week.

Event: Ons Huis, Nederasselt

LCommunity center Ons Huis (Our House) wanted to show the community all the things that they organize (focused on elderly people of 55+yo) , and asked me to take some pictures. I tried to capture the spirit of that afternoon with minimal instructions, so lots of freedom. Amazing to do, with these photos as a result!

Portret: Rachelle Verhage

In the south-west of the Netherlands, on the beach of Vrouwenpolder, I photographed free spirit Rachelle Verhage. ”You tell me, you are the expert.” For me, that means letting go of assumptions and just let things happen. That will get you amazing images like this.

Private project: Street photography Rotterdam

Walking along best-known Dutch street photographer Fokko Muller, I got to do some street photography assignments in the very photogenic Rotterdam. I especially got excited about the portraits (posed, with permission) and the clean lines of the city!

Business portrait – Nancy van Nuland

Business portrait for the always smiling Nancy van Nuland, for social media and website. “Something with bridges,” was the assignment. Together we went to the Leurse Heerlijkheid (near my hometown Wijchen) to take these pictures!

Event: DeMedia100 – M100

Walking alongside mentor Henk-Jan Winkeldermaat, I got the opportunity to be second shooter for the M100 (formerly known as DeMedia100), the media event of 2022, announcing the 100 most influencial media personalities. Learned so much!

Business portrait: Wenink Holtkamp Architecten

For architectural firm Wenink \ Holtkamp in Eindhoven I was asked to take photos for the website and a paper publication in and around their office in Strijp-S..

Private project: Night photography in Nijmegen

Workshop with the amazing Dave Zuuring, night photography in Nijmegen. Took so many lovely pictures, so awesome to do. Something completely different. Keep pushing yourself, right?

Event: Dutch Comic Con (DCC)

With fellow photographer Bart Nijs, I tagged along for his assignment for Dutch Comic Con 2022 (second shooter). 25,000 guests, Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Amazing experience, here’s a small selection out of hundreds of photographs!

Business portrait: SitePack – Peter en Martin van Wilderen

For Peter en Martin’s SitePack, I was asked to do a business shoot. in their incredible location in the Generaal de Bonskazerne (former military base) in Grave, we shot portraits, details of their office and profile pictures.

Business portrait: Mirjam van Elst – Woorden per kilo

Mirjam van Elst interviewed Angela Verkuijlen for BEP Magazine, and that’s how we met. On a rainy day in the picturesque town of Grave, we shot images for social media and more. Mirjam’s smile and her colorful coat made the day sunny anyway!

BEP Magazine – Angela Verkuijlen of De Basis

For BEP Magazine, the magazine for outstanding women from Nijmegen, I was asked to make a series of photos of Angela Verkuijlen, quartermaster at De Basis in Nijmegen.

Bibliotheek Wijchen – Kees Lewiszong of rock band Navarone

In 2021 I captured a number of events in the Bibliotheek Wijchen (local library), among others a presentation of Kees Lewiszong of well-known rock band Navarone during the annual children’s book week.

‘t Stekje Nijmegen – spontaneous product shoot

Sometimes you find these small, sympathetic companies on Instagram. Sometimes you send these a short message. That’s how I ended up at ‘t Stekje in Nijmegen, a lovely store with beautiful plants and pots from local creaters from Nijmegen.

BEP Magazine – Mirjam Jongerius’ restaurant bus

For BEP Magazine, the magazine for outstanding women from Nijmegen, I was asked to do a small series on Mirjam Jongerius, who sold her pancake restaurant to pursue her dream of creating a restaurant in her big yellow school bus.

Het Lekkerste van Gelderland – Behind the scenes

Eyes & Ears asked me to shoot some behind the scenes (BTS) photos during the filming of a new series of Het Lekkerste van Gelderland for Omroep Gelderland. This best-watched television program is presented by Jochem van Gelder and Sandra Ysbrandy.