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Behind-the-scenes (BTS) Photography

Behind-the-scenes photography is all about capturing what is happening anyway. You could see it as a part of reportage or documentary photography, but it deals specifically with creating a visual understanding of what is happening behind the scenes.

Social media content or content for your website

BTS photography is very much suited for companies that are looking for social media content or visual content to accompany articles and informative pages / blogs on their website. The possibilities are endless, for example (but not limited to):

  • Promotional (“There’s a sale!” or “Buy our new product”)
  • Informative (“Company x acquired company y”)
  • Office life (“Look at us having fun together”)
  • Production process (“This is what we do for you in this way”)

By spending some behind-the-scenes time at your company, behind-the-scenes photography captures all the things that are happening in your company during the day. Fun amongst each other, but also the launch of a new product, or people focused on the job at hand.

Obviously, this kind of BTS content is a social media match made in heaven. The viewer tags along your day.

Because of this look behind the scenes, the potential customer is more likely to choose you!

ROC Nijmegen
ALEX Advocaten
Eyes & Ears | Omroep Gelderland

Behind the Scenes (BTS) photography in practice

If your day starts at 8AM, my day starts at 8AM. Depending on the type of company, I’ll bring the right equipment to make candid photos. You won’t even know that I am there. Your company goes on with its day, no effort or investment in time from your end. At the end of the day, you’ll have a vision on your company, that I, as an outsider, registered.

“Your view on my company is so refreshing, I’ve never looked at it that way!” The jewelry owner that does repairs in his atelier is obviously more interesting than the ephemeral watch that is on display. One thing does not rule out the other – the circle must be complete.


749 euro
Per day part, including at least 40 photos

499 euro
A series of photos specifically for Instagram or other social media, 40 digital photos

Excluding VAT and travel expenses 35 cent per kilometer

Get in touch for a BTS shoot!

Looking for options for a company video, including BTS shoot? I’m closely affiliated with the creative video production company of Eyes & Ears – Film, TV & live!