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Michiel Heijmans photography

Passionate street photographer, workshops and event talks. Also hook me up for a casual portrait shoot, behind-the-scenes photography or a company reportage with no time investment from your side!
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Michiel finds surprising compositions and tasteful photos to capture precious moments in everyday life.

William Rutten

Man, you take some beautiful pictures.

Michiel Fischer

Street Photography Workshops

Street photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the essence of everyday life in public spaces. It aims to document the unique and fleeting moments of people and their surroundings, often with a candid and unposed approach. We the street photographers are known for our ability to find beauty and significance in the ordinary and mundane, capturing the everyday routines, interactions, and emotions of people in the streets.

Through our work, street photographers provide a visual record of society and help to tell the story of the human experience in our current age and time. With its emphasis on capturing the reality of life in the moment, street photography is a powerful tool for documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of our communities.

Having a lot of fun photographing for these amazing companies:

Corporate portrait

For social media and website, brochures etc. Based upon your input I’ll photograph you in a minimum of three different settings.

One and a half hour, one location
Min. 10 photos
369 euro

Content for website and social media

Half a day, one location
Min. 25 photos
599 euro
Two hours a month (min. 6 mn),
min. 10 photos p/m
279 euro

Portfolio shoot

Half a day, contact me for options. If we can do some mutual promotion, we’ll work something out.

Contact meWhat is Street Photography?What is a Street Photography workshop?

Hi, it’s Michiel!

Corporate and portrait photographer.

Capture awesome photos, for instance for your site. Pictures of you, your business, city, area. Go outside, find beautiful spots, or in the office, that one special corner.

Do not expect any brushed-up glamour shots, but clear photos that represent you and your company as you truly are. Be sure to contact me for options!